Saturday, July 06, 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day Four: July 4 - Sidewalk Egg Frying Day


Happy 4th of July to my American buddies! (even though I am like several days late - sorry I have been running around so much).

Today is known as Sidewalk Egg Frying Day. Yes, you did read that right.

Basically, it is usually stinking hot (everywhere but the UK) and this time of year, so much so that you can probably fry an egg on the pavement (or sidewalk!).

You never know, so give it a go.

As per usual, this holiday has no known creator or origin (typical), so it might even be made up. But I think this is a pretty awesomely funny made up day.

So, my challenge to you some egg frying! Try and think of the most weird and creative way you could fry an egg and send it my way either with the comments or by Twitter @LovelyChubly #CrazyEggs.

Can you imagine if people actually tried to fry and egg on the pavement? I know that in August in Florida this is more than possible as everything gets so hot. I know it has been relatively warm at the moment here in the UK, but you couldn't fry anything without a cooker....


I don't have much else to say on the subject of eggs to be I will leave it there for the day.

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Speak to you laterss....


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