Monday, July 08, 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day Eight: July 8 - Video Games Day

Hello there, buddies!

Well then, guys, today is Video Games Day! I have to say, this is yet another crazy and awesome day. Yesterday was an excuse to eat chocolate, now today is an excuse to whack out some awesome video games.

Video Games Day is all based on celebrating the awesome development of video games! Whether you are an Xbox user or you swear by your Playstation 3, Video Game Day might actually bring you all together.

I am pretty sure everyone these days plays on some sort of video game, and it isn't just for kids anymore - video games are spreading across age groups. The typical 'gamer' stereotype has been abolished because of this, so they are no longer seen as those spotty teenage weedy boys!

Aaaaand as usual, there is no origin or creator or this day, but my best bet is that is as created by all those gamers out there (pretty much everyone) who wanted a reason to be sat on their asses playing games all day!

My challenge to you today is this: grab all your old-school retro games and start playing them! This can be anything from Playstation 1 to old Nintendo and Gamecube games! You could even go one better and grab your old Gameboy Colour! Tweet me @LovelyChuby #RetroGames telling me all about your awesome games, or even send me a picture. Alternatively for all you non-tweeters comment in the boxes below and tell me about what you get up to.

I have to say, I quite like Video Games Day as I do like to play on my Xbox for unnecessarily long amounts of time. So this day gives me an excuse. I whacked out my original Spyro the Dragon game and the original Crash Bandicoot!

That is all for the UBC today, folks. Tune in again tomorrow to find out what the day is!

Toolde-oo, peeps!

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