Friday, November 30, 2018

Introducing the Doods!

If you follow my Instagram you might have seen two little pups introduced in February of this year! I have two now 1 year old Goldendoodles called Albus and Remus. And yes, they do have their own Instagram. 

Goldendoodles, often referred to as Doods, are a cross breed of a standard poodle and a golden retriever. They are very big dogs with even bigger hearts and they think they are small dogs! 

Originally, I was only going to have Albus. When I went to see them as puppies he was instantly drawn to me. We had many, many snuggles! 

And then something bad happened. I saw that one puppy was left. Me in my dog lover emotional state was devastated that no one had wanted him, so, naturally, along came Remus. 

They were born on 25th November 2017 in Aberystwyth and I find it so apt that my pups are Welshies! 

I bought them home in early February 2018. They are my babies and I have them to thank for pulling me through the last year. They have been my rock and often my reason for living. I love them with all my heart and I hope you will too! 

Below is a timeline of the boys first year!

February was full of introducing everyone to the new Doods. They were quite big, even for 12 week old puppies but looking back now, they seem so small. They loved a good lap cuddle with my grandparents. I didn't originally tell people I had gotten two until they had met everyone. I got my grandparents to sit with their eyes closed and handed each of them a puppy. I still remember the look on my Gramps' face when he saw there were two! They were introduced to the Fire Engine by my dad and I still can't believe that they dit in there. I am looking forward to trying to remake this photo, but I know they won't fit anymore.

In March they saw their first ever snow fall! It is really unlike the UK to get snow, especially in March so it was really interesting to see what they made of it. Turns out, they loved it! March also brought Easter and obviously the boys had their own eggs! 

The boys didn't take long to settle in and by April had really developed their own personalities. Albus was a little bit smaller than Remus so was trying to be the dominant dog. Remus is just extremely dopey - and still is!

They both started to suddenly look like dogs rather than puppies. They had outgrown their puppy harnesses and their puppy collars and were in their adult ones! They were six months old and growing very quickly. 

In June they had their first hair cut and they also doubled in size almost overnight! They met their new friend, Fudge, and had a puppy play date. At this point, both boys were still cuddling their teddies - I miss that!

In July, the boys developed a love for the sofa cushions and also sitting on the cuddle chair and watching the world go by. They had suddenly become aware that cars and people walk by the window and smile at them. 

In August, they had a holiday whilst I went to Florida. They had a brilliant time and even got used to going in the car!

At this point in September, the boys were desperate for a hair cut (and still haven't had one) so we got acquainted with the man bun! They also had a play date with Caesar! They are so good with dogs smaller than them and let Caesar jump all over them! As you can see, they were also pretty big!

They experienced their first Halloween in October. Naturally, they had their own costumes and pumpkin! They also had their first bath in a couple of months. Albus is somewhat fond of the bath - he will jump in their if he is too hot and have a nap. Remus, on the other hand, needs a bit of encouragement. 

By November the boys are pretty much fully grown. They weigh about 40kg each, give or take, and take up all the room in my bed at night. They have their own Christmas elf ready for December and have an annoying habit of walking mud around the kitchen. 

The boys first birthday was on 25th November. We had a cake, well they did, and party hats! They were not fussed as long as they could have a slice of cake for breakfast and dinner. Which they did.

Now, we are getting ready for their first Christmas with me and looking forward to another year! 

They are the most incredible pups who love nothing more than a snuggle. They have such good temperaments and I have definitely struck gold with them. I couldn't live without these two massive bundles of fluff being in my life every day, licking me half to death and giving me big hugs every single day. 

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