Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The End of IllumiNations

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth has been gracing the skies of Epcot on World Showcase Lagoon since 1999 and as soon as Disney announced an overhaul of Epcot, we all knew it was coming.

Yesterday. Disney announced that IllumiNations will be ending in the second half of next year, presumably around the end of the summer season. 

I love IllumiNations; it has been there since my first trip and always carries that nostalgic feeling for me. The soundtrack, mostly the one that plays when the show finishes and everyone is exiting the park, really hits me in the feels. 

That being said, it really doesn't have the wow factor for me anymore than shows like Happily Ever After and Fantasmic! do.

Look how upset we all were when they announced the end of Wishes. But look at how incredible Happily Ever After has been since is opened last year. If anything, this shows that Disney definitely does only move forward with their technology and shows. 

I am glad I got to see it twice on my last trip. However, it has become a show when you have seen it once on a trip, you don't really need to see it again. I would see it once and then take advantage of the quieter ride queues and do Frozen, Test Track or Soarin'. 

I will be sad to see the blowing out of the torches go, that has always been one of my favourite moments. I hope this somehow gets incorporated into the new show. 

Personally, I would like to see something similar to World of Colour. Having only seen it on YouTube and not yet been able to head out to California, it seems like a very immersive show. Disney obviously has something up its sleeve to replace it, and I am very excited to see what that is. 

See ya real soon, IllumiNations. 

Keep moving forwards. 

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