Monday, September 10, 2018

Be Our Guest Breakfast Review

Located in New Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest is probably the most popular Quick Service restaurant in the whole of Walt Disney World. For breakfast and lunch this restaurant operates as a Quick Service, and for dinner has a prix fixe menu as a signature dining experience.

The entrance is marked by large iron gates with the Beast's castle off in the distance. Check in is located on the left hand side where a Cast Member will scan your Magic Band. You can pre-order online for your reservation and pay on arrival either by Dining Plan or cash and card. 

Be Our Guest is 1 Quick Service credit for breakfast.

Unlike other Quick Service restaurants, Be Our Guest accepts reservations 180 days in advance. Although they do accept walk ins, you may be waiting a long time so I definitely recommend getting your reservation at the 180 day mark. Reservations are snapped up quickly, so don't be surprised if you can't find a reservation on the day you want. Keep trying - reservations pop up all the time and I have gotten one the day before in the past.

The Quick Service experience at Be Our Guest is not quite like the normal order at a register and collect your meal at the counter like other Quick Service restaurants. At Be Our Guest you either order with a Cast Member or on a touch screen menu using your Magic Band. The food is then brought out to you at your table in very fancy presentation cabinets. Your Magic Band or Magic Rose acts as a "tracker" or table number for the Cast Members to know where exactly you are sat.

The waiting area to get to the touch screen ordering is lined with talking Statues of Armour. See if you can hear them sneezing! 

The restaurant itself is beautiful. You can sit in one of three rooms: The Ballroom, The West Wing and the Library. My preference is always the Ballroom and closer to the window at the back where you can see the snow falling! 

In the Ballroom there is a hidden Minnie Mouse on the ceiling. I won't give you any spoilers, but you may have to tilt your head a bit to see her! The faces of the cherubs are also images of the Imagineers who worked on building the restaurant! 

The menu is pretty varied and contains the Be Our Guest version of a Bounty Platter, the Feast a la Gaston (my favourite), as well as a Croissant Donut sandwich and other French inspired dishes.

Each time I went for breakfast I ordered the Feast a la Gaston with either a chocolate milk or a fountain beverage. The fountain and hot beverages are help yourself and unlimited. I would definitely recommend getting one of those and filling it up as you leave to take out with you into the Florida heat! I am rather fond of a Nesquik chocolate milk just because you can't get it back in the UK and I miss it as soon as I leave! 

Each meal also comes with its own bowl of fruit with two types of melon and some grapes. This is lovely and also usually comes out cold!

Each reservation also comes with one tray of pastries, usually including a croissant, chocolate twist, cinnamon muffin, cinnamon bun and a blueberry muffin. It is worth noting that the pastries are not per person, one booking is one tray of pastries. We had two bookings, so were given two trays. 

I love Be Our Guest. The food is filling and I never leave feeling like I didn't eat enough. It is definitely a great use of a Quick Service credit and makes a nice change from eating pancakes (for me anyway!). Although, if you do not have the Dining Plan, this can get very pricey with dishes priced at $25 excluding sales tax and a beverage. 

The atmosphere and decor in Be Our Guest is definitely what ups the price, especially as the Ballroom is very grand and both the West Wing and Library are incredibly themed. 

I definitely recommend Be Our Guest overall, but be prepared to make your reservations well in advance.

If you have been to Be Our Guest for breakfast, let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

A review of the lunch will be available soon. 

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