Monday, December 01, 2014

Dear Mum

Now the time is coming near,
To say goodbye to another year.
It may not have been the best, it's true,
But it's safe to say we're proud of you.

February brought the news no one wants to hear,
But you took it in your stride and showed no fear.
Even though a few tears were shed,
You chose to fight and smile instead.

After you had the lump removed,
And you came out a bit battered and bruised,
You kept positive the whole damn way,
And cast all the bad thoughts away.

Even though chemo made your hair fall out,
You still looked beautiful without a doubt.
Bradley the wig gave us all a laugh,**
It's always good to have a bit of a 'giraffe'*

Then came radio, three weeks long,
Yet again you remained strong.
It was almost the end, I bet you couldn't wait,
That final day was amazingly great!

And now we've come to today,
Where you have waved cancer away.
You're the champion of the battle, the winner of the fight,
Suddenly the days stop being grey and became bright.

Now we can look forward to our holiday,
Where Mickey and Minnie come to play.
I bet you can't wait to eat at Zaza Bazaar,
And have a drink at every bar!

So now I'll finish on this note,
And from my mind I'd like to quote:
Everyone is proud of you through and through,
And to cancer we all say a giant "fuck you!" 

This is dedicated to my amazing mum who has had the year from hell and still comes out the other end smiling and making ridiculously crap jokes. 

I love you always.

*"Having a giraffe" is a little side joke in our family.
** My mum decided to be funny and name her wig 'Bradley' in Bradley Wiggins... 

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